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The Service

The Talent

Select from a roster of talented artist, all vetted and backed by the Roan Guarantee. You can read about the artist's bio, experience, qualifications, and see their portfolio in order to help you make a choice.  

The Craft

When you meet your Artist for Testing,

you will have a choice of several high end makeup brands and several base looks. Your Artist will help you in choosing the brand and style that best fits yours facial features and skin tone, tailoring a look that is perfect for you.

The Day

The Day of your event, your artist or team of artist will arrive to your location at the predetermined time and complete setup within 30 minutes. The Service will take a maximum of 2 hours, regardless of the size of your bridal party. Including a 30 minute break down, our team will be in and out in 2-3 hours flat. 

Details and Terms


Bridal Pricing

Bridal Full Service...........

     +Bridal Party............

Bridal Makeup Only.......

     +Bridal Party............

Bridal Hair Only............

     +Bridal Party............


.....160 (per person)


.....95 (per person)


.....95 (per person)


Booking Online is easy...

Choose Your Artist

Start the booking process by making your choice in artist, Select your region and browse thorugh our roster of talented professionals. 

Choose Your Date


Once you've chosen your Lead Artist (large parties may require support),

Select a date for your testing and provide all necessary details to get a proper quote. 

Confirm Your Details

After reversing your date,

You will receive a confirmation email with a complete quote and all the details for your appointment within 48 hours.


Or you can give us a call and talk directly to a Representative | 555-555-5555


Miaria, Made of Honor

"I really liked how helpful they were when I was choosing a style. I don't wear a lot of makeup so it was nice having a professional there."


Cynthia, Bride

"I was really nervouse all morning until I saw myself in the mirror after getting ready. I looked exactly how I Imagined"


Jesephina, Mother of Bride

The service was excellent and booking was very easy. I'm glad my daughter looked beautiful and happy on her special day"


Reserva una fecha asta hal fin del la Primavera 2020 y recibe una bata de satin gratis. 

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